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Mushrooms are such a magical food that no other food sources have such magic. There is an important role of medicinal mushroom in our well being. They help in activating the immune system and potentially fighting against cancer. Mushroom can also help in other ways to protect the world by:

•    Fighting naturally against flu viruses and other diseases.

•    Without using any harmful pesticides, they can kill insects, termites and ants also.

•    Reinstate the habitat that is destroyed by pollution.

•    Helping to create sustainable fuel.

The fruit of mycelium is actually known as mushroom which is a filamentous, cobweb like cellular network. Mushrooms are diverse in color, shape and size, even among the members of same species. About 100 species of mushrooms have been studied for their health promoting benefits. Among them, about half a dozen are useful in building the immune system in human beings and have the ability to fight against cancer. There is one particular kind of mushroom called Cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus, having anti tumor properties. In the wild, it grows out of an insect host rather than a plant host. So this parasitic mushroom is unique. It has long been used in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Many scientists have been studying cordycepin,one of the active medicinal compounds found in this fungus, as a possible cancer drug. Cordyceps in the form of mushroom extracts may also have direct anti-cancer effects.

Bio active Components in Mushroom


Mushroom consists of 90% of water by weight. It contains fiber, protein and some amounts of fat along with minerals and vitamins including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc. There are important bio active molecules present in mushrooms like steroids, phenol, terpenoids, and essential amino acids. Many therapeutic properties are present in these edible fungi. They are as follows:

•    Hypoglycemic

•    Anti-inflammatory

•    Anti-tumorigenic

•    Anti-ulcer

•    Immune stimulating

There are antioxidants that are unique to the mushrooms. They are now called master antioxidants. Mushrooms also provide necessary nutrients that many individuals are having deficiency in including Vitamin B. Therefore, consumption of mushroom can improve your diet quality with better nutrition. It also maintains your cholesterol level.

Go for Organic Mushroom or Grow Your Own


Mushroom is a healthy addition to your diet. But, you have to make sure they are organically grown as their flesh can easily absorb soil and air contaminants. Don’t pick directly from the wild unless you don’t know what you are picking because there are a number of toxic mushroom types that can easily make you confused. So if you don’t have enough knowledge about what to look for in mushroom, don’t pick it on your own. For a safer alternative to picking wild mushroom, growing on your own is an excellent option. Today, due to growing demand, they are also grown in climate controlled green houses.

Today, various kinds of mushroom extracts in the form of supplementation prove to be very effective for several serious ailments. They come in both pill and liquid form and you can find this substance derived from a variety of mushroom types, from Reishi to Shiitake, from Cordyceps to Maitake. Each mushroom’s extract provides a variety of benefits, but do not introduce this natural medicine to your diet until you get approval from your health care provider.

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