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Detox herbs are used to cleanse various systems and organs of the body. They have been in use for thousands of years in many cultures and regions to help with various ailments and health conditions. Due to their long history, effectiveness and popularity, some of these herbs have found their way to several successful detox supplements today.

Top Detox Herbs


There are detox herbs from which we can get the benefit of cleansing body and they are easily available. Apart from their use in different supplements, they are used a lot in our daily life and we should have knowledge about them. They are as follows:

•    Organic Gum Acacia: It is made from the sap of Acacia tree. It helps a lot to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea by improving electrolyte absorption. To facilitate and stabilize the synergy between two ingredients, it is used as an emulsifier.

•    Organic Milk Thistle: For over 2000 years, this natural herb has been in use to help the gallbladder and liver. It is used to improve digestive system by producing bile.

•    Black Walnut: This was first introduced in the year 1600 by Europeans. It is primarily effective in wellness practices and sustaining good health. The main ingredients present in black walnut are tannins, iodine and juglone. They help in fighting against bacteria and fungus and providing essential minerals to all parts of the body.

•    Dandelion: It helps with a wide range of maladies. It maintains good hydration level and bowel regularities. Dandelion root is used as a liver cleansing product. It is also believed that this tree helps with the body’s immune system.

•    Wormwood: This is basically helpful to fight against harmful organism such as roundworms and pinworms. It also helps in digestion.

•    Cilantro: It is mostly helpful in getting rid of dangerous toxic metals that accumulates in organ tissues. We use cilantro in our daily cooking. It bounds all the toxic metals and helps in pulling them out from various tissues.

•    Alfalfa Leaf: To avoid infection, herbalists have been using alfalfa leaf for centuries. It helps to stimulate a healthy appetite and fight against stomach ulcers.

•    Peppermint: Peppermint is generally used to fight against cold and flu. If you have sinus irritation or sore throat, then peppermint can help you a lot. It is an active ingredient in lung cleansing products.

•    Eucalyptus: It also helps in cleansing lungs. It attacks viruses and fights against bacteria. It acts as an ointment to chest congestion and stopped up nose.

•    Stinging Nettle: It aids in resisting microorganisms. Stinging nettle also promotes normal blood pressure and offers resistance to swelling and redness in skin.

All these detox herbs are uniquely beneficial for our various body parts. For hundreds of years,they have been part of the therapeutic lexicon. Hence, there is no surprise that these herbs are now the active ingredients in many popular detox supplements.


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