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Collagen is a kind of protein present in our body’s tissues and organs. It provides the matrix that is required to sustain the body structure. The main function of collagen is to maintain the skin, cartilage and tendons. It provides firmness, elasticity and integrity to their structures. To keep skin supple, the collagen level should be maximized through diet. Collagen is present in the whole body. There are 29 types of collagen present in our body. Over 90% of collagen is of Type 1 to 5. Type 1 is the most abundant.

•    Collagen Type 1: Tendon, vascular, skin, ligature, bones, organs

•    Collagen Type 2: Cartilage

•    Collagen Type 3: Reticulate fibers

•    Collagen Type 4: Forms bases of cell membrane

Role of Collagen in Skin Health

For use in a skin supplement, Type 1 collagen is the best. This collagen is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Its degradation will lead to wrinkles that will again lead to aging of skin. Our body’s collagen level reduces as we get older, which results in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It also decreases the level of smoothness and suppleness of the skin. If the collagen level of the entire body can be increased somehow, then the sign of aging can be slowed down. But collagen cannot get absorbed in the skin.  So people prefer the supplementation process. The traditional sources of collagen are not effective. But in recent times, there is much advanced technology in collagen supplement with the emergence of collagen peptides.

Fish Collagen Peptides

•    Fish collagen peptides are easily digestive.

•    They are better absorbed by the skin and body.

•    It has a low allergy potential.

Fish collagen peptides have small peptide molecules in the range of 3000 and 5000 Daltons. Due to their small molecular size,their absorption process is much easier compared to other peptides, which results in more efficient collagen synthesis. Due to this advantage, fish collagen peptides are becoming a highly popular choice for skin care supplements to improve skin smoothness, moisture, elasticity and also to help in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.

Reasons of Poor Collagen Level in Body


There are many collagen creams introduced into the market but they are more marketing than science. Only a few ingredients prove to be reproducing collagen. There are various factors that weaken collagen production. Mostly of them are genetic but poor diet and exposure to sun can worsen things. There are some people having collagen deficiencies that not only affect the skin but also weaken the hair, nails etc. Many anti-wrinkle creams are available in market containing some form of collagen building mechanism. But these can vary depending upon formulas. To smooth out wrinkles in elderly skin, active ingredients can increase production of collagen. Taking proper diet and advice from doctors is the best for our body and skin.


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