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Your feet help you stand, walk and run all day long. So, it is essential to take care of your feet so that your chances of getting foot problems can be minimized. Blood sugar management also helps in keeping your feet healthy. A person with diabetes needs to take extra care of their foot.

How to Take Care of Your Foot?


• Check your feet daily for sores, red spots, swelling, cut and infected toenails. You should examine your feet every evening after taking off your footwear.

• Wash your feet with warm water daily but do not soak otherwise the skin will get dry. To prevent infection, you can use talcum powder or cornstarch.

• Keep the skin soft and smooth.You can apply thin coating of foot care products like a balm or cream and petroleum jelly on the bottom and top of your feet but don’t apply it in between toes.

• Smooth calluses and corn gently. Thick patches of skin are known as corn or callus. You can check with your doctor if you have them. You can also use pumice stone for smoothening the skin. Don’t cut those calluses and corn.

• Trim toe nails regularly with the help of a nail cutter.

• Wear shoes and socks all time. Do not walk barefoot when indoor or outdoor. Wear shoes and socks to avoid getting soars and blisters. Socks having no seams are the best. Make sure the shoes you’re wearing have smooth lining and are well fitted.

• Protect your feet from hot and cold.Wear shoes when you are in beach and keep your feet away from heaters and open fire. If your feet get cold at night, then you should wear socks.

• Blood flowing to the feet is also important. When you are sitting, put your feet up. Moving your ankles can help blood flow into your feet and legs. Smoking can cause a great obstacle in blood flow, so stop smoking. Avoid wearing tight socks, rubber bands or elastic.

• Be more active. Being more active can help in proper blood flow. Move a lot by dancing, walking, running, swimming etc.

Natural foot care products can be beneficial in the treatment of various ailments as well as daily care and maintenance of feet. Whether you are looking for eliminating foot odor, enhancing skin care, reducing heel pain or toe care, effective foot care products can help to address all of them.


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