The desire of women to look young forever has propelled the skin care industry to great heights. The market is literally flooded with anti-aging skin care products from countless brands. There is fierce competition among prominent brands to launch new products containing innovative formulas and ingredients in order to acquire more and more customers. Females no longer wish to lead their lives with the signs of aging. From skin rejuvenation treatments to anti-aging products, they will leave no stone unturned to restore their beauty. At the same time, they won’t invest in products that are unable to deliver on their promises. If you’re living in Canada, you may consider the following 5 anti-aging skin care items from reputable brands, acknowledged by so many users for their exceptional results.

Rosa Graf Tea Time Day & Night Cream (Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Aging)
Rosa Graf Tea Time Day and Night Cream is a soft, creamy moisturizer containing natural Chinese green tea extract. This formula helps to hydrate the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Green tea extract is a powerful anti-oxidant due to its catechin content and it also helps to protect the skin from free radical damage and premature aging. It helps sensitive skin and contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and rose extract. There is no use of chemical emulsifiers and colouring.

Teatime 24 hours soft cream combines all the good properties of green tea for the skin.  As the main ingredient, it contains the natural extract of Chinese green tea.  It can be spread amazingly easily on the skin and immediately enriches moisture in the upper layers of the cells, making the skin feel softer and smoother.  Thanks to its special formula and the selected ingredients, it is so soft that it is even kind to sensitive skin. Rosa Graf Tea Time Day and Night Cream does not make the skin shine and is an excellent day care and foundation for make-up, but can be used equally well in the evening too.  Extracts of green tea provides protection from the damaging results of aggressive radicals in the environment, like skin irritations and signs of premature ageing.

Clayton Shagal Exfoliants (Anti-Aging) Oat Bran Scrub
Clayton Shagal exfoliants oat bran scrub is suitable for all types of skin, especially ideal for hyper-keratinized skin and grayish complexions. It is mild enough for sensitive and oily skin types.

Product Benefits:
•    Oat bran husk fibers in scrub gently remove excess oils, dead surface skin cells, & impurities
•    Reduces skin irritation due to the supple particles of oat bran
•    Eases the extraction of comedones
•    Facilitates the penetration of nourishing products destined for the dermis
•    Delivers brighter and satin-like complexion
•    Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and radiant
•    Easy to use under the shower or in the bath
Frequency of Usage: It is to be used 1 to 3 times per week depending upon prescription.
Product Application: After thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply a small quantity of Clayton Shagal oat bran scrub on the face and neck. Leave on for a minimum of 2 minutes. Gently emulsify and rinse well with lukewarm water.

Phyto Sintesi Idrolife Eye Contour Cream
This light, hydrating eye cream with antioxidants has been specifically formulated for the sensitive area around the eyes. It contains a moisture complex and various extracts and vitamins that firm the skin and improve its elasticity, slow the visible signs of aging down and reduce the appearance of under-eye bags. This Phyto Sintesi skin care product is certainly worth considering.

Mary Cohr Age-Signs Repair Serum
A genuine intensive rejuvenation treatment course, Mary Cohr Age SIGNeS Repair is a high-concentration serum, with 60 cell active ingredients, which will combat the visible signs of ageing. After regularly using this serum, the skin will look visibly younger and firmer. Wrinkles and lines will be lessened and signs of fatigue will fade.

Active Components
•    The 60 Cell Active Ingredients will perform the repairing action of cell DNA.
•    Hyaluronic Acid (filling spheres): A major constituent of the dermis, it will go right to the heart of wrinkles and lines, visibly erasing them and increasing hydration on a long-term basis.
Use: For the best results, apply this Mary Cohr Paris serum in the evening to a cleansed face and neck using gentle pressure to massage.

BeautyMed Hyaluronic Acid Dermo Active Complex Serum
This anti-aging skin care product from BeautyMed offers several benefits including:
•    Visibly minimizes wrinkle depth
•    Restores moisture
•    Repairs dry skin
•    Promotes elasticity
•    No colouring agent
•    No perfume

Effective Ingredients: 3.00% Hyaluronic Acid Complex, 2.00% Centella Asiatica Extract
Directions: For Home Use – Apply Hyaluronic Acid Dermo Active Complex onto clean face, neck and decollete twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks. Renew the treatment twice a year, according to need. For better results, use the BeautyMed Hyaluronic Dermo Active cream after the serum.

If you wish to collect more information on these 5 anti-aging skin care products, then embark on a search for their product reviews online. Whether it is Rosa Graf, Clayton Shagal, Mary Cohr, BeautyMed or Phyto Sintesi skin care line, you can order any product of these trusted brands from BetterBeautyHealth.com affordably.